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4.1.2020 Message from President, Dr. Harrison.

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students, The past few weeks have been undoubtedly challenging for everyone, but I am pleased to let you know that our school has been able to continue working for the benefit of our students and their academic progression. Despite some minor challenges, we are getting into the new rhythm of online instruction and school operations, and thanks to everyone’s effort, we are successfully moving forward. Each week, teachers hold regular Zoom meetings with students to help them with assignments and credit completion and remain in contact via email.

The vast majority of students meets virtually with their teachers and peers, StuCo is making plans for a virtual Spirit Week, campus Clubs are back to their meetings this week, and we have a guest speaker (Andre Bradford, a slam poet) in Ms. Ynfante’s Zoom session today at 11:30am. Thanks to everyone’s efforts and participation, we are a vibrant and active virtual community, making the best of the circumstances! Our entire Cassata team strives to make the distance learning experience for all our students as positive and helpful as possible. Although it does not and cannot replace in-person interactions, the ability to work next to a teacher, or participate in a Bake Sale, please know that this is a temporary situation. This too shall pass… Meanwhile, let us share with you some important updates for the upcoming weeks. 1) School Closure: In accordance with Governor Abbott’s updated Executive Order, school closures will extend through May 4th. 2) Textbooks & Course Materials: We are currently working on securing electronic access to all textbooks in use. In a situation when a student finishes a course and needs a textbook but there is no online option, we will arrange a textbook pickup with their parent/guardian if they are willing to do so. Otherwise, we will try to place this student in a course that is required by their graduation plan, but for which there is online textbook access. If a hard copy of a textbook needs to be provided to a student and their parent/guardian is willing to come to campus to get it, we will adhere to the following protocol: a) Mr. Lott or Dr. Harrison will communicate with the parent/guardian via email or phone to agree upon a pick-up date and remind them about the material pick-up protocol. b) On the agreed upon day, Mr. Lott or Dr. Harrison will go to campus and, taking all precautions, select the textbook, place it in a plastic bag, put the student’s name on it, and place it outside by the back door of the building. c) The parent/guardian will be picking up the textbook without any physical contact with any of Cassata’s employees. Per the requirement of the Superintendent’s office, no student can be present in the car during the textbook pick-up. All other course materials will be delivered to students electronically. At this point, in order to minimize the necessity to travel, we will not be asking parents to return textbooks which are checked out to students. 3) Coursework: We ask that all students, if at all possible, submit their work to the teachers electronically. This will not only expedite the grading process but will also help us all stay at home safely.

Students are asked to collect and save all hard copies of their work, as they will need to submit it once on-campus classes resume. 4) Tuition: Going forward, tuition has to be paid by check or money order. Unfortunately, we cannot accept cash payments at this time. Payment can be mailed to the school address or deposited in the black mailbox at the back of the building. In April, students who usually attended school all day (morning & afternoon sessions) will be charged tuition for one session only. Students who wish to take a fourth subject will pay additional tuition for that class. The amount will be equal to 1/3 of their tuition rate. Please contact Ms. Patti Schmidt ( with any questions regarding tuition rate and payment. 5) Seniors: Graduating seniors, we know you can finish all your coursework in time to graduate from high school in May. Please do not give up! Stay in touch with your teachers and with Ms. Nogic. Although we are unable to provide you with the exact dates of the Graduation Breakfast and Ceremony, please know that we will celebrate your accomplishments together, even if it means postponing the events until summer or such time as we are able to resume normal social functions safely. We thank you again for being a part of our community! We are grateful for each one of you and for the ways in which you enrich us all and the gifts you share with us. We are thankful for the trust you have placed in us and for allowing us to continue to serve you in this most unusual time. We pray that you all stay safe and healthy! May God bless you and keep you.

Maggie Harrison Maggie Harrison, Ph.D. President Cassata Catholic High School 1400 Hemphill Street Fort Worth, TX 76104 Tel: 817.926.1745 Fax: 817.926.3132

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