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4.8.2020 Message from President, Dr. Harrison

Dear Students and Parents/Guardians, It is hard to believe, but we have finished three and a half weeks of distance education. Thank you all for your patience, support, and understanding! I am pleased to say that, despite minor challenges, we are getting into the new rhythm of online instruction and school operations, and thanks to everyone’s effort, we are successfully moving forward. With Easter holiday approaching, I wanted to reach out to you with some updates and answers to questions you have posed. 1. Per Governor Abbott's Executive Order, all schools will remain closed until May 4th. 2. Our school calendar for 2019-2020 lists Thursday, April 9th – Tuesday, April 14th as Easter Break. Please note that there will be no Zoom meetings on those days. We hope everyone can take some time to relax and rest. Teachers will be back in touch with their students on Wednesday, April 15th. 3. Concerned with Zoom meeting hacking incidents, we have implemented safety measures to protect our students (meeting passwords and waiting rooms). For now, we will continue using Zoom as our platform to facilitate meetings with students; however, we understand if parents/guardians and students are not comfortable attending these sessions. Please note, however, that students are still responsible for checking in with their teachers regularly and submitting assignments via email whenever possible. In order to observe the regulations of Safe Environment to which we adhere on campus, we will not be offering one-on-one Zoom conferences to students, but rather, only group meetings. This applies to all students, even those who are 18 years old.

  • Students can receive instruction and help from a teacher when there are other students present in a meeting.

  • Students who need more one-on-one attention can schedule a Zoom conference with their teacher when their parent or guardian is present.

  • To protect each student's privacy, parents should not be attending Zoom class meetings (when there is a group of students); they can, however, be present with their own student(s) and teacher in a private conference.

We hope everyone is safe and well! Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. God bless, Maggie Harrison Maggie Harrison, Ph.D. President Cassata Catholic High School 1400 Hemphill Street Fort Worth, TX 76104 Tel: 817.926.1745 Fax: 817.926.3132

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