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The Advisory Council provides guidance and leadership to Cassata by supporting our mission to provide a rigorous curriculum for students who desire a unique, customized environment that prepares them for college and their chosen career path.  The Council exemplifies the values of Cassata, truth, beauty, and goodness and ensures equal opportunity for a future of professional, socially, and culturally engaged leaders, citizens and community.

2021-2022 Advisory Council


Margaret Taylor, Chair

Jim Breen

Ann Corley

David Derrig

Shevoyd Hamilton

Bill Lorimer

Trina Pecina

Karen Roberts

Dan Villegas

Kim Wewers

Debra Wysoski





Bishop of Fort Worth

Most Rev. Michael F. Olson


Interim Superintendent of Catholic Schools

Melissa Kasmeier 



Maggie Harrison, PhD


Sister M. Bonaventure, 1914-2007


Sister M. Fulbright

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