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Cassata Catholic High School uses a progressive, self-paced learning system.  Most courses are based on a 12-week syllabus, with the exception of select mathematics and science courses that are on a 15-week syllabus. Successfully completed course work in a semester earns one-half credit.  Course work completed for full-year courses earn one full credit. New to this year's Academic Coursework requirement, all graduates are required to complete five (5) hours of community service as well as 0.5 credit of Theology per semester of attendance at Cassata Catholic High School.

Graduation Requirements

                                                             Minimum Diploma Plan             Recommended Diploma Plan

                                                             (22 credit hours)                                      (26 credit hours)

English                                                4 credits                                       4 credits

Social Studies                                    3* credits                                      4 credits

Mathematics                                      3 credits                                       4 credits

Science                                               3 credits                                       4 credits 

Fine Arts                                              1 credit                                         1 credit

Physical Education                            1 credit                                         1 credit

Electives                                             5 credits                                       5.5* credits

Foreign Language                            2 credits                                        2 credits 

Speech                                                                                                      .5 credit

*Academic elective required for one full credit

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