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Cassata is a coeducational Catholic high school with a nurturing staff that provides a rigorous curriculum for students who desire a unique, customized environment that prepares them for college and their chosen career path.

Cassata's open enrollment, self-paced learning, and flexible schedule enable students of all backgrounds to raise their educational level, complete their secondary education, and become healthy, independent, productive citizens.

Inspired by Christ, Cassata Catholic High School seeks

to advance justice in the world by engaging the social,

cultural, political, and economic realities of our day. Through a culture of success, we seek the development of each person's (including the administration, faculty, students, and parents) full potential within a climate of joy, respect, challenge,, cooperation, and celebration.



Nothing we do can ever be opposed to the truth, that is, opposed to reality which has its being in God.





Evokes wonder and delight, which are foundations of a life of wisdom and inquiry.





Requires us to teach and pass on this Catholic culture, this Catholic worldview, this cultural patrimony,

these insights, and these very fundamental truths about the good and what constitutes the good life.

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