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What current and former students are saying about Cassata.....

"At Cassata you don't have to try to fit in, everyone is accepted as they are.  It's always mercy before judgment."

                                                              - Sara


"I like Cassata, because it's self-paced and the teachers help you a lot.  I also like the hours.  I come to school in the afternoon, so I can work in the morning.  That's perfect for me."


Cassata Hign School 2018_009.jpg

"People always ask if we have a social life since the school is small.  Of course we do, but we connect in a different way.  Our friendships are deeper, like family."


Bake Sale (003).JPG

"I can't thank Cassata enough for its compassion, education, and love...without this school, I'm sure I would not have finished high school.  Instead, I left with a 3.95 GPA, confidence in my own abilities, and a scholarship to pursue my dream career."

                                                          - Michelle

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