Student Council at Cassata Catholic High School is a way for students to engage and get involved in activities that benefit our school.  Students meet monthly to discuss ways to enhance the student experience at Cassata and plan activities, including fundraising events, field trips, and spirit weeks that boost morale and bring comradery to the student body.   

Student Council Officers:

President: Mallorie Barton

Vice President: Andrew Gillen

Secretary: Lily Barker

Treasurer: JJ Gorel

Historian/Publicist: Xitlali Tejeda & Maritza Tejeda

Event Coordinator: Madeline Derrig

Event committee: Brian Schoonover

Voices of Cassata (V.O.C’s):
Morning session – Angie Donato, Ozzie Sanchez, & Chloe Schoonover
Afternoon session - Tyler Colvin & Joseph Brennan

Stuco Pic 5.jpg

Brittney Ynfante

Faculty Advisor