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Everyone who works at a school has their own reasons for being there.  For me, Cassata has been about seeing my Catholic faith in action and serving our students by creating an inclusive, understanding environment in which to learn. 


Our students come for a variety of reasons too.  Some are not challenged at their current school and seek an environment where they can reach their potential.  Others must work to support their families or are dealing with health issues, anxiety, or loss of a family member.  We work with each student where they are and give them the tools needed to be successful in school and beyond.


Cassata’s model looks different than most.  We offer morning and afternoon sessions for those that desire flexibility; small class sizes for personalized instruction; and an individualized, self-paced curriculum for those who want to work at their own pace. 


Our philosophy is unique but effective, and Cassata students leave with the tools to succeed.  Dual-enrollment courses are offered to qualified students, and all students work to pass the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) tests before they graduate. Our graduates have a good track record in pursuing higher education, a trade or a career in the military after they graduate from Cassata. 


I hope you will learn more about our school here.  If you are a member of our community, please join us for a tour or Learn About Cassata event to see how you can get involved with our school.  If you or your child is a potential student, I invite you to schedule a visit to see how you can take the first steps to becoming a part of our Cassata family.  




Dr. Maggie Harrison


Cassata Catholic High School

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