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Cassata embraces students of all religious faiths, ethnicities, cultures and academic abilities.  Students bring their own unique story to Cassata and strengthen us through their experiences.  We are a school of acceptance.

In the 2021-2022 academic year, 147 students were served by Cassata and 28 earned their high school diploma.  While most students come from schools in Tarrant County, including Nolan Catholic High School, Pascal High School, and O.D. Wyatt High School, students came from 42 total zip codes, which also includes Dallas, Johnson, Parker, and Denton Counties.


79% Hispanic

41% White

13% African American

3% Asian

11% Other


Student Success:

100% of Cassata's 2017-2018 graduates went on to post-secondary education or the military, including Colorado State University, Gonzaga University, Texas A & M Corpus Christi, Texas Tech University, University of Oklahoma, University of Texas at Arlington, Tarrant County College, U.S. Marine Corp, among many others.

Cassata alumni have attended every major university in Texas and have gone on to become successful members of Tarrant County and beyond, from founding their own businesses to working in a variety of industries, including health care, education, law and the military.

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