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A recent Cassata Catholic High School graduate, Nathan, shared this with us:

"My dad has been suffering from a brain tumor for three years now, and last year his doctors gave him a new drug

that is not covered by insurance.  With this tremendous expense, it was financially impossible for me to continue at

Cassata, but Cassata agreed to cover most of my tuition, so I could finish school and have the flexibility I needed for

my dad.  I owe everything to Cassata's generosity."

Cassata gives hope to students in our community who have obstacles to graduating high school.  These obstacles include poverty; mental/emotional health; academic, learning differences, behavioral or health issues; bullying; and family circumstances, including teenage pregnancy, family illness, or death of a family member.  

   Last year:

  • 5% of enrolled students were parents;

  • 30% of enrolled students come from homes where English is a second language 

  • 29% of graduates were considered dropouts when they enrolled

  • 86% of enrolled students needing some amount of financial aid

   And yet,

  • 75% of graduates went on to college, trade school, or enlisted in the military

At most private schools, tuition covers 90% of an organization's annual operating expenses; at Cassata, tuition only covers 30%.  This is because Cassata never turns a student away due to financial circumstances.  All of our students pay some amount of tuition based on a sliding scale, but 76% require tuition assistance, and the majority do not come close to covering the $8,100 it costs to educate a student each year.

It is only through the support of our generous donors that we are able to provide tuition assistance to all students who require it, while continuing to operate our unique, high-quality education model.

Please help our students, teachers, and school today with your generous financial contribution..

Donate Now.

For more information, please contact Kari Kirkham at 817.926.1745 or

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